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Cannes Film Festival, short film festival, Clermont-Ferrand, cinema

For more than forty years, the Clermont-Ferrand short film festival reigns supreme over the discipline. Second film festival after Cannes, Clermont has become over time a talent incubator. Zoom out. While the 75th Cannes International Film Festival in full swing (until May 28), the Croisette once again sees many talents who have passed through the ... Read moreRead More

Carcassonne. The Midi Olympique Oscars will celebrate USC

the essential Leaders, players, supporters: all the facets of the Carcassonne rugby club will be highlighted and rewarded this evening from 7 p.m., as part of a free evening, open to all, organized at the Dôme by the the daily Midi Olympique and the Dépêche group. It’s no secret: this season, the US Carcassonne has ... Read moreRead More

Luis José Chávez calls on the press to take care of tourism, the country’s main economic platform

SANTIAGO.-The journalist Luis José Chávez exhorted communication professionals to take care of tourism, recalling that in the era of social networks, false, exaggerated or sensational news can damage the most important economic activity in the Dominican Republic. Chávez, who was recently ratified as president of the Ibero-American Forum of Tourism Journalists (FIPETUR), affirmed that communicators ... Read moreRead More

Education and work: the exit of the social plans

In April 2015, I published in this same space a note entitled “Social plans: what were they for?”. It was founded on the 8,000,000 people who received some type of social plan at that time. It was followed by five other columns, over the years, with a specific proposal: education for work. I highlighted in ... Read moreRead More

Björk, Vangelis, Rota, Hermann… The best soundtracks of the award-winning films at Cannes

Björk in “Dancer in The Dark”, directed by Lars von Trier, in 2000. ALLOCIN THE MORNING LIST Halfway through the 75and Cannes Film Festival, organized from May 17 to 28, we offer you a selection of music – and a song – composed for films that have received a Grand Prix or a Palme d’or ... Read moreRead More

Cannes 2022 : tous les films de la compétition notés par la rédaction de “Télérama”

Hors compét. Coupez !Coupez ! Coupez ! Michel Hazanavicius France r Hors compét. Un tournage de film de zombies dans un bâtiment désaffecté. Entre techniciens blasés et acteurs pas vraiment concernés, seul le réalisateur semble investi de l’énergie nécessaire pour donner vie à un énième film d’horreur à petit budget. L’irruption d’authentiques morts-vivants va perturber ... Read moreRead More

Melanoma in Phase II: Argentine vaccine achieves “promising” advances

Malignant melanoma is a serious variety of skin cancer. Photo: illustrative image. A Phase II investigational melanoma vaccine brought “promising” results as it “managed to delay or prevent metastasis to distant organs significantly superior” compared to another drug used in patients with melanoma, a cancer that causes 600 deaths per yearaccording to researchers at Sales ... Read moreRead More

Cannes Film Festival: Jean Dujardin and Valeria Bruni-Tedeschi expected for the climb of the steps

Find here all of our live #CANNES 5:26 p.m. : Female protestors shocked the #CannesFilmFestival at the “Holy Spider” premiere. They stormed the red carpet with a giant list of names and set off black smoke devices. https://t.co/j2CKd903zN https://t.co/mEptcrDIol 5:26 p.m. : A banner with the first names of the 129 victims of feminicides in ... Read moreRead More

Box office of culture: Kendrick Lamar, rapper apart?

Welcome to the Box Office, the show’s weekly meeting place Soft Power. Every week, we peel the trends of the culture and the biggest successes of the moment. In partnership with the GfK study institute for books and video games and CBO Box Office for the cinema. A “Mirror” all in poetry by Kendrick Lamar ... Read moreRead More

The world will take years to end COVID-19 and prepare for another pandemic, experts warn

AME6141. SANTO DOMINGO (DOMINICAN REPUBLIC), 11/06/2020.- A doctor performs a PCR test in the area reserved for covid-19 patients today outside the Moscoso Puello hospital in Santo Domingo. EFE / Orlando Barría Covid caused the world to rethink its way of dealing with health crises, but changes are too slow and it will take years ... Read moreRead More