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Most downloaded apps on iPhone in the last week

The compilation of the most downloaded apps on iPhone and iPadof the last days. We show you the trending app that is dominating the top positions in most countries in the world. New apps for iPhone and iPad We start the week with our section of the most downloaded apps on iOSbetween June 27 and ... Read moreRead More

“I will never thank you for this great honor”

“I will never thank the current Municipal Corporation enough, those of you who are here and many who have not been able to attend, for the great honor you do me and that I promise I will carry with me until I leave this world.” With these words, Vicente Vayá gave thanks for the tribute ... Read moreRead More

Nokia 5.3 vs. Nokia 5.4: more is not always better | Digital Trends Spanish

We have already talked, in Digital Trends in Spanish, about both the Nokia 5.3 and the Nokia 5.4. We said of the first that it gave a good experience in terms of performance and content display, while we commented on the other that it was able to detach itself more from its predecessor and from ... Read moreRead More

Realme, from conquering Europe with its smartphones, now goes to Mexico and the world

In the last year, the smartphone manufacturer realme became the fastest growing brand in Europe; but for its co-founder and president, Madhav ShethIn an industry as dynamic as the smartphone market, making a mistake can come at a high price for a company. Therefore, its strategy to become one of the most important players in ... Read moreRead More

When ASD occurs with intellectual incapacity, a convergent mechanism for two top-ranking risk genes may be the cause

Journal Reference: Megan Conrow-Graham, Jamal B Williams, Jennifer Martin, Ping Zhong, Qing Cao, Benjamin Rein, Zhen Yan. A convergent mechanism of high risk factors ADNP and POGZ in neurodevelopmental disorders. Brain, 2022; DOI: 10.1093/brain/awac152 While ASD is distinct from ID, a significant proportion — approximately 31% — of people with ASD also exhibit ID. Neither ... Read moreRead More

Android fan switches to iPhone, creates list of things he hates and loves

Switching from Android to iOS is an important step and we can’t always experience these differences first-hand, Reddit user ITX has shared his experience after going from being an Android user for over 10 years to buying an iPhone SE for work. From being a person with a lot of experience in Android, he went ... Read moreRead More

Huawei Mate 20, análisis: la pérdida del apellido ‘Pro’ cada vez tiene menos concesiones

Huawei continúa con su apuesta por la triple cámara. Después de sorprendernos con el Huawei P20 Pro, ahora vuelve a la carga con los nuevos Mate 20 y Mate 20 Pro. Pero al contrario de lo que ocurrió con su buque insignia a principios de año, además de una pantalla de gran tamaño esta vez ... Read moreRead More

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra: The ultimate smartphone experience, designed to be epic in every way

Galaxy S21 Ultra offers Samsung’s most advanced and intelligent professional camera system, the brightest and most intelligent screen in a Galaxy and the best performance in a smartphone so far Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. introduced the Galaxy S21 Ultra, a flagship device that pushes the limits of what a smartphone can do. The S21 Ultra ... Read moreRead More

What is the diagnostic mode of your Realme mobile for?

In case you have a Realme brand mobile, you may have come across an option that raises serious doubts, or perhaps you did not even realize it was there. Be that as it may, the diagnostic mode It is one of the best tools of the Chinese company, which will allow us to take advantage ... Read moreRead More

Cell phones: What do we expect in the second part of 2022?

Xiaomi officially started the second half of the year with the launch of its Xiaomi 12Sthe beginning of its collaboration with leica. A very attractive line, but apparently it will not come out of China. iPhone 14: the death of the little one in the family and a higher price Let’s be fans of iOS ... Read moreRead More