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Shakira could pay a millionaire fine to the Treasury of Spain to avoid jail

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6 famous Latinos who support their LGBT+ relatives: their love is proof of prejudice

“Souls we are and souls we love. That today I found a soul just like mine and yes, this exists. We are and we come from the same. (…) It was my first pride and I celebrated to the fullest. I love all my friends, ”the young woman wrote on her social profile. “The truth ... Read moreRead More

Daniella Navarro thanked the public for their support at La Casa de los Famosos

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“You know what you have also done to your mommy and your grandmother”: Ricky Martin’s brother explodes against the Puerto Rican government and reveals that the protection order was filed by his nephew “with mental problems” | People | Entertainment

The brother of Ricky MartinEric Martin exploded against the media and urged them to “investigate” after this weekend it circulated on the front pages of the international press that the Puerto Rican singer received a protection order against him filed by his nephew. The singer’s brother, who is a personal trainer, referred to the subject ... Read moreRead More

Amber Heard’s lawyers ask that verdict in favor of Johnny Depp be overturned

Legal disputes between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp continue. The team of lawyers of the interpreter of ‘Aquaman’ has imposed an appeal, that seeks to annul the payment of the 10.3 million dollars of fine and the verdict granted by the judges that blames the actress for defaming her ex-partner. (Keep reading: Shakira: Piqué was ... Read moreRead More

New From SKIMS, Kim Kardashian Looks Amazing In Old Hollywood Shoot

Kim Kardashian Looks Amazing in Old Hollywood Shoot | INSTAGRAM We know that for the beautiful American model and businesswoman, kim kardashian, Hollywood of the years 70’s It was a golden age, one of his favorite moments and also the one on which he decided to base the Qué style used to promote his new ... Read moreRead More

Diana Bracho is not afraid of death: she has already prepared her funeral because she took advantage of a discount in advance

Diana Bracho He shared that he is not afraid of death, even pointing out that he already planned his funeral. The 77-year-old actress is so clear about that inevitable destiny that she three years ago took advantage of a discount by hiring in advance those who will be your funeral services. “It is that life ... Read moreRead More

Gal Gadot relaxes on the beach and poses playing with the sand

Gal Gadot relaxes on the beach and poses playing with the sand | Instagram Being even warmer than the hot summer days, the actress Gal Gadot managed to gather all the strength of the sun and the peace of the waves of the sea in his smile, so that even raising a corner of his ... Read moreRead More

Amber Heard asked to annul the trial that Johnny Depp won for the identity of one of the jurors

Amber Heard announced that she will appeal the sentence of her libel trial against Johnny Depp (Reuters) The legal team of Amber Heard filed a motion requesting that the verdict of the defamation trial is annulled that her ex-husband Johnny Depp won, including the $10.35 million in damage awarded to the actor by a jury ... Read moreRead More

Shakira would leave Piqué in a bad light and would have a ‘play’ ready to stay with her children

Shakira, one of the most recognized Colombian artists worldwide, surprised all her followers a few weeks ago and confirmed that she is officially separating from Gerard Piqué, with whom he was for more than 12 years. After this announcement, the main Spanish media have followed all the details that the breakup of the couple has ... Read moreRead More